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A Reporter in Whyville!

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On October 20, 2004, a reporter came to Whyville! Too much to believe, huh? Well, it's true! Here is what happened:

My friends and I were all at the Greek Theater when the reporter arrived, but we didn't know who she was at first. For a while, she chatted with us and other people and was just being as casual as she could possibly be. As I said, we had no idea she was a reporter!

Finally, at around 4:50, City Worker (and Whyville's founder!) superid came in. As usual, everyone went nuts! That's when superid introduced our "little reporter" -- her Whyville name was "stourist" and her real-life name was Karen. She was in Whyville for a newspaper called The Scientist.

She mainly asked us questions about what we learn on Whyville, and anything pertaining to science and what grades we were in. It was too bad this only lasted for ten minutes, because we had a blast with Karen!

I wish I could have shown you the pictures I took during our chat, but I'm having technical difficulties.

Hopefully there'll be another reporter in Whyville soon!

Until I write my next article,
Sincerely yours,

Editor's Note: Keep your eyes peeled to Whyville's front page and the Times, where we'll announce whenever The Scientist publishes their story on us, if they do. Cross your fingers!


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