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Worth Your Clams

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Hey Whyville! Before you read any further, I want to clarify one thing: I am NOT telling you what to wear. I'm just telling you what may be worth your clams when shopping for second hand FPs (Face Parts).

Okay, now that that's settled, let's get down to the juicy stuff!

Have you ever gone down to the Trading Post and seen people offering and trading parts for hundreds or even thousands of clams? Well, the fact is, lots of people are very interested in getting rare FPs, and they're willing to pay big prices for them, making selling rare FPs a big business in Whyville. This article is a guide to help you find out what's a rarity and what's not!

Rare: It is hard to tell if an FP is a rarity. I suggest that before you go spending loads of dough, check to see if it is in stock at Akbar's. If it is, don't even bother with any person trying to sell it for more than the FP costs at the Mall. If it's not in stock, find out who made it -- you can see their name when you look at the part in the Mall -- and contact that person.

If the FP is very nicely drawn, it is most likely a rarity, but nothing is ever for sure! That is why I recommend checking it at the store over all. Also, ask around! If people know the FP as a rarity, then it most likely is, and if you are planning on reselling it, ask around to see if people are interested in buying it from you for a good price. Nothing is worse than spending many clams, hoping for a profit, and not getting it. Research!

Not Rare: Things that have been rare before are not usually rare after a while. For example, Meow Mix was very popular a while ago, but has since lost much popularity. If an FP has been talked about for more than four weeks, then it is not worth it. But if you are still interested, again, ask around to see who's buying and for how much.

Follow my advice, and you'll be a successful entrepreneur in no time!

This is FireBeam, off to buy a new keyboard (and watch where I put my soda).


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