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A Halloween Specter

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At the Halloween party, we got to meet many City Workers. I saw ScyllaCat, turnip, and, to my surprise, Akbar!!

We were all surprised and everyone was asking, "Akbar really exists?"

Of course he exists! Other than the fact that Akbar's account wasn't used for the past 3-4 years, of course. Turns out Akbar's account was actively used only recently.

Back at the Halloween party, Akbar was bouncing up and down! He was bouncing from corner to corner!

That was all right, but what really amazed me was that he spoke (or typed) like a teenager!

Something that stunned me was that Akbar said "What the ?", and all I could do was wait for him to fill in the word between "the" and the ? mark. He didn't. ;-)

He also didn't know how to use projectiles, so we attempted to teach him, but he still didn't quite understand how to aim it. He acted like an immature teenager by growing easily irritated at the fact that he couldn't throw the projectile right!

When Whyvillians crowded next to Akbar because they couldn't believe he existed, he instantly moved away to a remote place. And when the Whyvillians followed, he kept trying to distance himself!

Of course his words and acts raised questions such as "Did his kids hack his account?" and "Maybe someone else hacked his account?" and "Is he a new CW?"

Will someone answer our questions?
Did someone hack Akbar's account?
Or is this CW new???

-aznCAgirl, looking out for the safety of Whyvillians.

Editor's Note: Nope, that really was Akbar, and it was one of his first times actually meeting his fellow Whyvillians, so I think he was pretty psyched to have some fun on Halloween night. :-)


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