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Ten Ways to Enjoy Whyville Again

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Have you found yourself questioning why Whyville just isn't as fun as it was in the past? Well, maybe not all of you think that, but I've definitely found myself asking that exact question recently. I finally decided it was my duty to find what could spark that fun feeling that I once had!

1. Play the Games!
I tried playing a good old game of traditional checkers. I actually won! I hadn't played for months and months! Then I decided to check out tic-tac-toe, chinese checkers, and kalah. I spent an hour or two just playing these. I'm sure many other Whyvillians have underestimated the impact these games can have on you! About once a day now, I'll play a game. If I don't have a lot of time, I head on over to the tic-tac-toe rooms. If I seem to have an endless amount of time, I'll go over to checkers. Just try them out again!

2. Chat Randomly!
Most of you all have little groups of friends or a specific "genre" of people you usually talk to. Well, instead of heading on over to where you usually hang out, try going to another place you haven't been to in a very long time. Especially one with people you usually don't talk to. Step out of your comfort zone! Don't be afraid of being made fun of. For me, my "out of comfort zone" place was Sector Y. Sure, most of the goths started yelling at me and told me that I was too preppy to be there, but I just was friendly to a random person, and they were actually quite nice! We Whymail back and forth now.

Don't underestimate people just because they look completely different from you. If you go and talk to a random person and they aren't very nice, don't let it get to you! Maybe they just aren't ready to step out of their comfort zone, like you're doing. Maybe they don't want to be made fun of by their friends! Just talk to people and try them out. Maybe you'll find a whole new possy! Then your old group of friends can hang out with your new group of friends with you, and voila! Two different types of people just bridged the gap between each other!

3. Organize a B/C
Believe me, putting together a b/c (beauty contest) is hard and chaotic! Try advertising it in different rooms, and you might also want to find a partner to help you lead it. I found that getting a partner makes organization TONS easier! You might even give out a prize to the winner. You'll make that person's day and you'll probably have fun with it! Just remember that not everyone may agree with you. They might even start yelling at you. Just ignore those people and congradulate everyone, because everyone is a winner on Whyville! LoL!

4. Whymail an Old Friend
Remember any names of people you used to be friends with but lost track of? I certainly do. I could name 10 people right off the bat. Well, Whymail them! See what they are up to these days! Plan to meet somewhere in Whyville -- I bet it would be fun to catch up on old times. "Make new friends, but KEEP THE OLD! One is silver and the other's gold!"

5. Try to Make Chat Interesting
When you're talking to someone, don't depend on them for all the conversation starters. When people say, "What's new?" try not to say, "Nothing much," because that often makes for a boring conversation. Try to think up a short and catchy summary of what is actually happening to you, because I'm sure you've all done SOMETHING worthwhile in the past week or two! You could reply with something short and funny, like, "Just breathing!" It might start up an interesting conversation... you never know! Also, when there's an awkward moment in the conversation or you can't think of anything to say, don't depend on "lol" (laugh out loud) to get you out of it. Don't overuse it! By now, "lol" is used so frequently, I think it's lost all sense of "That was very very funny!" Use it, but don't overuse it. Try to reply with an actual sentence, and no, don't spell out lol as your sentence! Contribute to the conversation!

6. Try Raising Your Salary Even More!
Raising your salary is always fun! You're pretty much just playing games! In every game on Whyville there are instructions, and most have help articles that you can look over if you get stuck. There is no reason why you shouldn't reach for the stars and get to the highest level! For those people who think you don't need to earn any more clams -- You can pretty much always use more clams. Only a few folks have the maximum salary possible (112 clams a day?). Even if you already are filthy rich, you can still use your extra earnings by donating some to newbies, or helping someone get into Club Why. Someone actually paid the whole entire price of Club Why for me! I was stunned that someone would do something that generous! If you have enough money to do that, give a little to people in need. It's a wonderful thing to do.

6. Read the Times
Now, because this article is IN the Times, you probably already read the Times, but there are always articles that some people skip. This is why the crossword is so helpful. You really get into the articles, reading them word for word instead of skimming the articles that don't seem as interesting at first glance, or not reading them at all. Just read the Times thoroughly, then do the crossword and get rewarded some clams. It will be worth it!

7. Write an Article for the Times
I'm sure there is a subject about Whyville or even real life that you would like to tackle. It's even fun to learn something new then write about what you have learned and report it to the rest of Whyville! Like, my very first article was about leukemia. I had always heard about it on TV, but I never actually understood the disease and the damage it did to the body. I learned a lot from writing that article! Make sure, though, that before you write an article, you know the submission rules and the format to submit, so that all your hard word doesn't end up in the Times Editor's junk folder! Share your vast knowledge with the rest of Whyville through writing!

Editor's Note: To submit, check out http://www.Whyville.net/whytimes/archives/submit.html and this article. Only send in your best writing -- we get hundreds of articles a week, so we try to publish only the unique, the important, the very current and newsworthy, or the just plain super fun stories that come in. We're always on the lookout for great science articles (question everything!), intelligent fashion articles (really think about it!) and super useful help articles (write a current "how to" about one of your favorite games, or better yet, one that no one's written about!).

8. Create a Petition
Do you have a new idea for Whyville that might make it more enjoyable for others? Whether it's an addition to Whyville or a change, like getting rid of something, as long as the idea is for the good and prosperity of Whyville, it would make a great petition. You could also write out the idea in an article for the Times, but by also making a petition, the change might actually take place.

Make sure you know the rules of making a petition before making one. Think the idea carefully through, then perfect it in writing, and write it up as a petition. Short, to the point -- ideas that make sense and are clear make it far in City Hall! Always advertise your petition to your friends. Make sure you tell them the date and time the petition is filed under so that it's easy for them to find your petition and read it. There are many petitions out there that they'd have to search hard until they finally found yours if you don't give them the proper information. Tell people, "Check out my petition! It's called Justice in Whyville and you can find it under January 1st at 3 pm! Thanks for your support!" That was just an example, of course. You could also advertise your petition through the Whyville Advertising Agency, when it opens up again. You know, the airplane with the banner flying in the sky at Whyville Square? Yes, you can make a message to go on it, but it costs a little bit of clams!

9. Face Factory
If the Face Factory is open, try your hand at making some face parts! There are help articles you can read to help your face part make it into Akbar's. But be sure to know, though, that you can't just get your clams back after you pick a size for your face part. You'll need to sell that part if you want to make up the cost! Now, if the Face Factory is not open, try practicing making parts for free through Microsoft??Paint or whatever graphic software you have on your desktop. This way you won't waste any clams on any screw ups, and you can practice with detail. Just remember that there aren't as many tools in the Face Factory as Paint has, and there aren't as many colors in Paint as the Face Factory has! The Face Factory practically has every shade of color you'd ever need. Well, maybe not EVERY shade of color, but they do have quite a few. Create!

And finally... 10. Take a Break
If Whyville is so boring to you that none of the steps above work and none of your own steps and ideas work, then take a little break from Whyville. I'm sure your friends will understand. They wouldn't want you to get so bored you'd quit and never see them again! Just take a break and read a book or hang out with your real-life friends (yes, they exist too) or do anything else you take pleasure in. Just try not to turn on the television. It's bad enough staring at the computer all the time with Whyville, but at least Whyville is educational, and involves social interaction! If you HAVE to watch TV, try to limit the junky shows you watch. Or you can even get hooked on the Discovery or History Channel! You can learn from those channels! (I bet the MediaWiz would love for you to check out the shows he lists in the Media Menu every single week!) For me, I don't have cable, so I don't really want to watch TV in the first place, but it's hard with such a selection of stations.

If you need to, just take a break from Whyville for a week or two. When you come back, your friends and you will have to catch up, you can check out the new arrivals at Akbar's and check out what's new in Whyville with the Times' "What's New in Whyville" article, usually written each week by the Times Editor himself. Coming back will be a fresh start.

Wow, that was a long but helpful article, if I do say so myself! Thanks for sticking through with me and reading it all.

There are other ways to enjoy Whyville again -- if you have an idea, post it in the BBS below! You could save someone from quitting Whyville (who would have thunk it?!).

Well, I hope I helped some of you! I'm outtie!

See ya at Chinese Checkers, ;)


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