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Are You Un-Fabulous?

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This week I'm reporting about a new club in Whyville that Media4u just opened! It's called Un-fabulous. From what I've found out, I know that everyone is Un-fabulous! Here's the interview:

Me: Hello, Media4u! I've heard you've founded a new club called Un-fabulous.

Media4u: Hey there, monae! Yes, I've started this club called Un-fabulous. It all started when I noticed everywhere I turned here was someone who founded a club, or someone who's in a club. So, I decided I was going to start my own club called Un-fabulous!

Me: Would you care to tell us about it?

Media4u: Why certaintly! We all have something about us we don't like, right? (Like me with my eyes.) Most of the time, we teenagers focus on that one thing when we should really be focusing on what we like about ourselves. (Like me with my hair.) So, mainly this club is about just being yourself, being proud of what God gave you. Not worrying about what you don't like about it.

Me: Wow, that was really inspiring! Do you think that your club will soon get as popular as clubs like BLOBY and PRM, just to name a few?

Media4u: I sure do hope so, because I believe that with a little hard work and perserverence, I can do it. (Of course, I will need help along the way!)

Me: When you do get started, what will be the major things you want to do?

Media4u: Well, I'd really like to get some job slots open, like a Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, etc. Secondly, I'd like to have meeting days, so that the club could stay up-to-date with everything!

Me: That is all... thank you for your time and responses! Good luck with the club!

That's what I found out about this here club! If you would like to join Un-fabulous, contact Media4u!

*Going to eat a sandwich*

Editor's Note: Just in case anyone was confused, Media4u is not the same person as the City Worker, MediaWiz, whose column you see every week here in the Whyville Times.


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