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Happy holidays to one and to all! Enjoy this, our Christmas double issue, a super paper chock-full of seasonal goodness and vital info! You'll read cheery carols and wise warnings, learn about Whyology openings and the potential for pollution to affect our sunsets, among many other great stories.

As our resident Whyologists have announced, the Whyology Center is now open, so head on down there to volunteer! As you do, enjoy all the snow that the colder weather has seen fit to drop on our online town -- brr!! You can also see some great photos of the snow and how your fellow Whyvillians are enjoying it in this week's issue.

Our top 3 candidates' platforms are here again, readying you for the Senate Debate next week. Please post your questions for the candidates (that haven't already been answered) in the BBS below, so City Hall and I can discuss the questions she'll ask at the Debate.

Yes, the Solstice Safari opened a while ago, so get over to the Tiki Tours in Whyville West to sign up ASAP if you haven't already! This is one the prime opportunities to raise your salary. Don't miss it!

Also open is Candy Cane Lane, the place where you can travel down the "infinite" Christmas Tree corridor and decorate your very own Christmas ball... play the Dreidel Game with Gamemaster Chaim... and enjoy the holiday season with your fellow citizens. Have fun!

And as for all those great-but-not-yet-visible pictures in many of this week's issue, please be patient. Getting photos loaded to the system takes a little longer than the articles, for various technical and not-so-technical reasons. Thanks for your understanding; they'll be worth the wait, I think! :)

Now, on a serious note, in addition to the scams reported by citizens elsewhere in this week's issue, I want to let you folks know about another one. If you've gotten a Y-mail with something like this in it, you can definitely use the 911 report tool in Whyville on it ASAP!

    Hello, my name is [name removed]. I have another account called [name also removed]. I see you look interested in having a promotion. As you know, the main computer, where we people at WhyVille work, is not working, so we are having some dificulties. Since i cannot get much information off the computer, i do not how good you've been. So, please respond with the following.

    1. Password
    2. Username
    3. State
    4. Adress
    5. Country
    6. First name
    7. Last name
    8. Compliments about whyville
    9. Questions?

    I can get you into senator, city worker, or even further. If you DONT answer the above, we cannot promote you. please forward to others and have them whymail me. Thank you!

Guess what -- this so-called scam "artist" actually Y-mailed a City Worker with this! Don't worry, we've punished the person, but we need you to continue to be on the look-out for this kind of junk, and always let us know immediately when you spot a scam. The sooner you report, the sooner we can have these bums out on their bums!

By the way, I hope you all know that City Workers are adults who work for the company that runs Whyville. They always wear the red and yellow CW beanie (see City Hall, scyllaCat, etc), and they never ask for your password or any other private information. Only adults who work for the company in a real-life job can become City Workers, so please don't ask the CWs about it. You have a much better chance of volunteering as a Y-mail Helper! :)

According to neutral, the December 13 Trivia Hour "was a cobd party! She won 3 times!" The Greek Theater was once again packed full to see our citizens duke it out for clams and fame: cobd totalled 200 clams for the day, while pop228 took home 100 clams, and BubbleZ89 and Madfin won 50 clams each.

Happy holidays, and may all the goodness in your spirits grow -- don't let the outside world do anything but make you a better person, inside and out.

Ho ho ho,
Times Editor

p.s. Why-Pass perks are indeed coming... keep your eyes peeled to the Welcome Page over the next week for a pre-Christmas present!


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