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Senate Candidate

Babygrace's Senate Platform

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Dear fellow Whyvillians- - I always wanted to run for senate, but never had time. Now I have lots of time, and ideas! I have been a Whyville citizen since early 2002, I attend many Whyville events, and I have even had a couple stories in The Time?! Back when I joined Whyville, your y-mail messenger contraption would blink in red when you received a new message, it was very handy and I would love to bring it back. Doesn't everyone get aggravated when you go to the land office and there are never any plots available? Well, I think there should be apartment buildings instead; it would be so much easier! Has anyone else noticed that the stuff you donate to grandma doesn't actually get to newbies? Apparently it just must poof off the server like the expiring parts. I for one would really like to see that change! We love our newbies! Something else I would like to change is the gray's at the Face Factory, there needs to be more shades of it! Did you know there's a gray that turns invisible? That should be one of the right grays but it definitely is not! I am one of the most music-obsessed freaks that you could ever meet! I think it would be totally rad if Whyville could make a music room, and I would definitely enjoy making that dream become a reality! In the room there would not only be a juke-box that you could click on and it would play awesome Whyville tunes, but also many musical instruments (like guitars, piano, drums, trumpets, saxophones, maracas, and any other instrument you could think of). For example, you may see a grand piano, decide to click on it, and wha bam, you hear, one of my personal favorites, Beethoven playing. You would also be able to read about the instrument like where it came from and other interesting facts about it. Furthermore, I would love to help out Whyville by making these awesome changes, but I need your guy's help! So vote for me! Hopefully, there could be a music room coming to a computer near you!?Like the one you're at right now?! Thanks for your support! Whyville for life! -babygrace-

Editor's Note: Post your questions for babygrace in the BBS below. She may answer them, or City Workers may use your questions for the Whyville Senator Debate, to be hosted in a few weeks by City Hall in the Greek Theater. You can also post questions for the Debate in the Times Editor's "What's New in Whyville".


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