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December's Store of the Month

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Hey again everyone! Today, I'd like to tell you about December's store of the month!

This is a special month since there are so many holidays, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and more. I know I've seen some of you getting ready for winter and the festivities. Where did you guys get your face parts from and where did you like to get them best?

In yesterday's survey, I talked with exactly 50 citizens. I know that's nothing compared to the population, but hey! A person's only got so much time in the day. :)

Well anyways, I am terribly sorry if you really wanted to share your opinion but didn't get to. If you would like to vote on my "Store of the Month" reports but don't get a chance, just y-mail me. I'll be sure to include your vote!

After I was done researching, the store in Akbar's Face Mall that got the most support was Kaboom n Co.

Some people said they like Kaboom because they thought that the parts were "Merry" or "Preppy". Some said they liked it because they thought that there were no remakes! Other Whyvillians even do their Christmas shopping there because the parts are so colorful!

I agree, Kaboom parts are really colorful! I love those colors. Also, this is a great store for newcomers to Whyville because the stuff looks amazing, but it doesn't cost much at all.

Did you know that at the beginning of the month, Kaboom n Co. had 350 parts? I know, it's amazing.

The store is owned by Kaboomers, who has been designing face parts for over a year. She is pretty cool, too. Obviously she is creative for having made 350 parts -- none look alike!

So, have you done your shopping for your friends yet? If not, go to Kaboom n Co. and buy a nice hat for your friend! I went shopping to get my friends' presents and I ended up buying three hairs from the store. It's hard to resist! I really like the eyes that are starting to come in, as well.

I think Kaboom n Co. is a great store to get your New Year's why-clothes. You will really love this store!

Did you know out of the 50 citizens I spoke to, 42 picked Kaboom n Co.? Wow!

As for me, I definitely love the store.

Goodbye until 2005 everyone!


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