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Snow Day!

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"Wake up, wake up, WAKE UP!" my little brother squealed, shaking me with all his might. I grumbled and stood up.

"What do you want, punk?" I asked, towering over him.

"Look." His small, fragile hands gestured me towards the window. My jaw dropped instantly.

Soft, white crystals drifted down from the clouds, making a voluminous pile on the crisp grass. The pile gradually began to increase its mass, and there were but two words on my mind: 'Snow Day.'

I ran to the radio, just to make sure. "All local city schools -- CLOSED!" And that was enough proof for me!

I thumped into the attic and dug out all of our sleds, snow disks and ice skates. Boy, am I lucky that we live on a hill that trails down to a frozen pond!!

I hauled my treasure outside and tested the sleds a couple of times. Perfect. But, BRRR, was it cold out there! Sprinting up to my room, I searched for my snowsuit, boots, mittens, and fur coat. After sliding them on and bolting out the door again, I was ready to go.

A few neighbors spotted me having fun, and they decided to join in. We started up a game of Snowball Tag. Luckily, the snow packed easily, so we didn't have much trouble with that.

Then we decided to build an igloo. I fetched some buckets from the garage and started packing them with snow, then turning them over. After doing this a fair amount of times, we has several snow blocks, just waiting to be built into something creative. We piled them up in a dome-shape, and left an entrance of about 2' by 2', four square feet. Viola: an igloo!

If we all went into an architecture business, we'd probably make a lot of money. Building an igloo isn't as easy as it looks, and we were quick to learn that.

"Let's go inside and have some hot chocolate," someone suggested.

We drug pillows and blankets over to the fireplace, and snuggled up, sipping our hot chocolate carefully. This was, perhaps, the best snow day ever.


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