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Hired to Install Free Passes?

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The other day I went to the Getty Arts Museum and saw this girl who said, "Whoever wants a WhyPass, hit 333!" I figured why not, it could be true, so I typed in 333.

She told me to why-mail her, so I did and she wrote back and said that Whyville had hired her to install free Why-Passes to people's accounts, but she needed my password!

Right then I knew it couldn't be true, because City Workers always say you can't give out your password, it's dangerous. It was clear she was trying to scam me. Whyville wouldn't hire someone to ask for passwords, which is something they are trying to stop us all from doing.

That was me, yvc26, just letting you know.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Editor's Note: Thanks for your report and your great job thinking it through right there, yvc26! Folks, always remember that City Workers will NEVER ask for your password, NEVER demand clams, and they will ALWAYS wear their official beanie hats. In fact, if someone says they need to talk to you alone about a "special deal" of any sort, it's a good bet they're getting ready to scam you. It's rare that a City Worker would need "privacy" to talk with you.

If you're not sure about it, send a 911 report letting the City Workers know that you're not certain, but you think this might be inappropriate. If you do use the report, though, make sure you know the rules, okay? Thanks!


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