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Account Thieves Are Lurking!

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This may not be the newest scam, but it is important that we all be reminded of it. DO NOT LET ANYONE GET INTO YOUR ACCOUNT TO RAISE YOUR SALARY! This is very dangerous for your account, your clams and yourself. Some people may actually be doing a good deed, but as for most others, it's another story!

Let me explain to you the process, if you haven't heard this before:

Have you ever been in a Whyville chatroom and seen someone yell out, "IF YOU WANT ME TO RAISE YOUR SALARY HIT 123!" If you have, I hope you didn't fall for it. By now you've passed the chat test and you know that "salary raising"means that person wants your password.

This is a SCAM! Report that person as soon as your little fingers can double-click on that person and type in that they were about to ask for passwords.

If you give them your password, they will pretty certainly clean you out. They will take all your clams and face parts leaving you ugly as can be!

Even if you apparently got away with all your stuff intact, that doesn't mean they didn't set it up so your password will be sent to them in the future. You never know when your account might be stolen once you've given out your password, even once.

Now tell me, do you really want that to happen? Of course not... but wait! That's not all! Sometimes the scammer will set you up in chat. They will say stuff like, "What's your phone number?" to other Whyvillians, which will get your account frozen, or even banished. You will never get it back if they do that!

Watch out for this scam...

This is babyfuff1, signing out. Bye-bye!

Editor's Note: Thanks for your report, babyfuff1! Remember folks, never trust anyone with your password or any other private information, whoever they are. No City Worker, Y-mail Helper, Times Writer or any "ordinary" Whyvillian needs to know this stuff. You can have plenty of fun without trading any private info, as I'm sure you know.


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