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How Well Do You Know Whyville?

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Try out some fun clams-rewarding trivia here! Below each question I am going to put a certain number of points. Each point is worth 10 clams.

Y-mail me with your answers, and for each question, the first person (maybe people) to send me the correct answer will recieve the clams.

Now, are you ready to see how much you know about Whyville?

Question 1: Who is Bob,and where does Bob work?
(2 points)

Question 2: Who is Kiki-Ikki-Riki,and where does she work?

Question 3: Who is Slim,and where does he work?
(4 points)

Question 4: Who is Bea,and where does she work?
(3 points)

Question 5: Who were/are all 6 of Whyville's Senators?
(7 points)

Question 6: What is Whyville's newest multi-player game?
(5 points)

Question 7: Whyville's richest person has how many clams?
(10 points)

Question 8: What is Whyville newest chatroom?
(2 points)

Question 9: Who are the only 3 Whyville citizens with their salaries "to the full" (124 clams a day), according to an article in the Times?
(12 points)

Question 10: Name 15 of Whyville's City Workers.
(17 points)

Question 11: Is City Hall a women or a man?
(5 points)

Question 12: Name 3 perks for a Why-pass.
(3 points)

Hope you have fun! I promise I will give you all the clams if you answer completely and correctly -- don't have any spelling errors in your answer, or I will count it wrong.

This is Hotboi764, signing off,
See ya :)

Editor's Note: Looks like fun, Senator! But are there 15 City Workers? Wow! I must have lost track....


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