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What's It Like To Be A Times Writer?

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Are you an aspiring writer, hoping that on some sunny Sunday you will see the glorious words "Times Writer" under the glorious picture of you in one of your glorious articles? If you are, read on!

I interviewed three great friends who are also three great Times Writers! These three are Hanni319, kirbie393, JasmineK. Let's get to know them a little better:

Me: Out of all the articles you've written that were actually accepted, which are your favorites?
Hanni319: LoL, I like "The Cowboy Who Trades" and "Summer Camp Jitters". I wrote that article 'cause I was trying to calm myself down about camp. =D
kirbie393: I have no clue why, but I really like all of the book reviews I've had published. I also like a couple of my poems ("My Rose," "I Miss You," and "Smile Fades Away"). LoL, sorry if I sound vain for having so many faves.
JasmineK: My favorite articles... hmm, this is a tough one. Probably my favorite serious article was "Consequences of War," because I got to express an opinion that was really important to me. My favorite funny article was "What the Heck is an Ion". And "Pink Plastic" is my favorite poem because I poured a lot of emotion to it and got an interesting response. But everything I've written has some personal significance to me. Otherwise, why did I bother to write it?

Me: Where do you find inspiration for articles/poems?
Hanni319: I just sit and watch what's happening everywhere. Whyville is a very interesting place. I love watching social activity. =D  I also base a lot of writing on my life, and my poetry is based on my entertainment and friends. =)
kirbie393: That's the weird thing about my writing... I find inspiration anywhere. Like a random quote off a movie. But a lot of it comes from controversial things that I really care about -- those just don't tend to get published, or I get so worked up over them that I don't send them in.
JasmineK: I find inspiration for articles everywhere -- in the news, at school, with my friends and family, from my feelings. There is an amazing list of things I could write about, but I just don't have the time or energy sometimes. If I actually wrote an article every time I had an idea for one, I'd have 100 times more articles.

Me: How did you feel when you discovered that one special sunny Sunday you were a Times Writer?
Hanni319: WOW! I felt like I actually made a difference. I used to feel unnoticed and stuff, but then people started congratulating me, and it was a lot of fun. =)
kirbie393: I was ecstatic. That's the best word I can think of for it. After a while, though, the excitement just sort of... wore off a little, I guess. It was still fun, though. =)
JasmineK: I was ecstatic when I found out I was a Times Writer. It was a really great feeling. Actually, every time I get something published, it's exciting. An issue of the Times that includes my writing is just that much more special to me.

Me: Have you ever considered journalism as a real career?
Hanni319: A career? ...hmm.... Not for me. I do plan on writing books when I'm older, but I know I am definitely going to be an actress and singer. I decided I would be an actress/singer when I was 6 years old, but I do plan on writing scripts and stuff. =D
kirbie393: Of course! =) But I decided to give up on that for a while when I realized I didn't have the range to write books, or the talent to be a news reporter.
JasmineK: I have definitely considered journalism as a real career, although it's one of many options I'm considering. This year I'm taking a class in journalism at my school with a really great teacher, so we'll see how that goes.

Me: What are your goals as a Times Writer?
Hanni319: I wanna be controversial. =D I love a good debate. I have sent in some serious stuff and it hasn't been accepted, but I think it's important to talk about this stuff. Also, I am trying to get people to have more confidence, and to get closer to world acceptance, where people will be ok with differences.
kirbie393: I think I should just point out something -- I'm not technically a Times Writer anymore, not since I kind of... exploded in one of my articles. So I guess my goal is to work on my skills until I can be a Times Writer again.
JasmineK: My goals as a Times Writer are to inform, influence and excite people. I want to encourage people to look at issues around Whyville or around the world in a different way, and maybe even inspire them to do something about it. I want to make a mark.

Great words from great girls!

Keep it Real <3


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