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Catch the Spirit of Giving

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So, what are YOU planning for Christmas? I'm sure whatever you're planning sounds fun! But I'm saving my clams until Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

"Why on earth would you do such a thing? Thats crazy!!" you may declare. Well, think! I'm giving to charity on that day, to all the new and maybe the old. I plan to save up to at least 20,000 or 30,000 clams, so I can give out a huge amount come Christmas.

But this means I have to sell and save as much as I possibly can, which will be hard. :-(

Usually, I shop at Akbar's (or at least look in it) every day. I buy buy buy every day. I have spent thousands of clams on my house, parts, projectiles, and other things! That includes clam giving... but my plan means I can't do that, not yet.

No looking in Akbar's or spending time in the Zero Gravity Chamber for a number of days. And I'm making myself sell all my favorite face parts. Not only will I give out clams for free, but maybe even parts that I haven't sold already. I'm going to be stuck as an animal or something like that while I donate everything I have.

That's it. I'm just doing this for all the new people (and maybe the old), and for the Christmas spirit! It makes me proud to give out free things. How about you? I hope all of you have a good Christmas, and remember -- Christmas isn't just receving. It's a time where people should get along with others and caring and much more.

-Firch :D


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