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Trans Siberian Orchestra Review

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Last night, I went to Detroit with my family to watch a concert by the Trans Siberian Orchestra. For those of you who don't know what the Trans Siberian Orchestra is, it is a group of men and women who play music (especially Christmas songs) with various instruments (like electric guitar, piano, violin, drums, etc.), but with a modern twist.

My parents had seen the concert for the past two years, and surprised us with tickets to this year's show.

I went to the concert with hopes that it wouldn't be a regular, boring orchestra (even though I had heard their songs many times before, and knew they did it differently). But at the end of the show, I came out beaming, dumbfounded at the amazing performance I had just witnessed!

Not only was it the best concert I had ever heard, but there was a light show to go with every beat and note of the song. Different colors flashing through the arena, fake snow falling from the ceiling, lasers shining everywhere. Not to mention fireballs at the end of the show!

It was a three hour performance, and the first half was narrated, telling a story about an angel who came down to earth on a mission from God to find people who reflected the spirit of His son. The second half was a regular concert with a mix of songs from their new CDs (one that isn't a Christmas CD called "Night Castle").

This show really brought my family and I together, reminding us really what Christmas is about. Somedays, people become so wrapped up in Christmas presents and money. You really need to reflect on the real meaning of Christmas, which is what the concert was about.

I recommend this show to anyone who is a fan of rock and roll, or even just likes Christmas. :)

If you're looking for a wonderful Christmas experience, you can find it in the Trans Siberian Orchestra.



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