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Fashion Frenzy

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Get ready to check out the hot hot hot fashion items that are now sizzling on the scene! I'm sure all of you have always been rejected when you ask "Can you tell me what your hair is called?" and so on.... Well, I'm going to show you Whyville's new eye on fashion and what's on the go!

Eyes are the most important thing on your face, so make them emotional and visual. Make them stand out and show emotion. Whats the point of having dull eyes? It takes away from your cartoon!

Personally, I like Dull knives or Paint me pretty. They are not made as much anymore, but if you are lucky enough, you'll find them out there somewhere. I like them best when wearing eyeliner and lashes on the bottom with them. It makes them more visual then EVER! Also, to spice them up, add a few contacts as well. It makes them more original!

Noses are very basic. I don't really try to do much with my nose. But, to make it easy for you, if you like rounded/line noses, look up Le Nez. It mostly in stock. If it's not, be sure to look every couple of days, because everyone buys it. Then again, you might like the "Peach" noses. My favorite would have to be Just peachy, thanks. Feel free to look around, though, for a comfortable shape and size for you, because if you don't like it, DON'T BUY IT. After all, there's no refunds! :)

Here we go, the moment you have all been waiting for... LIPS! Lips are very descriptive of your mood (almost as important as eyes). You can choose from tons of diffrent colors like pink, purple, black, blue, red, and even the famous clean look. :)

I tend to stick with my colors. Also, you can get a wide varity of shapes and sizes. Some people like them simple and some like it sweet and juicy. Some good varities are Come as you are*ernie, For Mar Mar*hearts* [[bert]], ThE CoLoR Of BlOoD, There we go=), and Clever Lisa. These are very popular types of lips around Whyville today.

This is my favorite part -- SHIRTS! Yeah! They show originality, because not everyone can pull off a certain shirt.

You have to have the right eyes and lips for your shirt. Shirts can be rare and just be hard to find! I don't exactly like all of those rares, though, so I'm just going to tell you some of my favorites, or at least my favorite ways of finding the good ones. For the shirts I'm going to give you more freedom than ever -- this time I'm going to give you search words. Then you can look up the word and come across many of the shirts these designers make! That way you can pick out your fave and start shoppin'.

Here we go... Shirts by "Xllent" are great -- she makes the BEST tops in Whyville. I love them. Then there's shirts by "girlyleo" -- these shirts are AWESOME! Then don't forget "krik^" -- these are great shirts, too. Some of them are "unsellable" which supposedly means you can't buy them for yourself, but it's just a name, and they are restocked often. Also, "Crumple" makes some nice shirts, too. And always remember to check out as many stores as possible.

HAIR! HAIR! HAIR! Okay, first, there is no hair that is greatest. I love them all! You can use them to describe yourself really well and they make your look complete! Once again, I'm not telling you names -- I will give you names of the best stores for hair.

First of all, try -beautifully decayed-. This store has SO MANY NICE HAIRS! You might be farmilliar with some of the unsellables and "unsellys" this store sells. This store HAS to be one of my favorites.

Tampered Files -- EVERYONE adores this shop. I'm sure you know about some of the "unsellys" from this shop, too. Then there's ~**ChUmP ChAnGe**~, which is also good. By the way, prices at these stores are fairly cheap, which is great for saving up those clams to join Club Why.

Feel free to go crazy for accessories too. But remember only 20 face parts, so choose wisely! You could also add on to your face by using lashes, blush, eyes shadow, glasses, clips/barrettes, hats, do-rags, add-ons, bracelettes, and hands, etc.


This is x0love0x signing out... have fun shopping!


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