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You know that when people think of the holidays they think of presents. When some people plan to give presents to friends and family, they think of objects they could buy at the store. You know, the very expensive ones. Well, the good presents are the ones that come from the heart. Here are some ideas to make your gift a perfect one.

If you are buying present at stores, make sure to leave a note such as, "Hope U Have A Merry Christmas" or "Happy Hanukkah". You could also do a poem. Something that comes from you.

Some people don't have enough money to buy a gift from stores and only have about $10. Well, here are some gifts you could make yourself for the price of $10 or less and still make it perfect. (Editor's Note: And some folks feel that when you spend time on gifts, it means a lot more than something that cost a lot of money!)

Buy a regular plain mug -- you can probably find these in a 99 Cent store. Paint it with a holiday picture, or something memorable. For example, if it was Christmas you might paint on a snowman, Christmas tree, snow, santa, reindeer, or so on. Just make sure the paint is permanent!

Now get your favorite chocolate bar and melt it by putting it into the microwave for about two minutes. Put the chocolate into holiday-shaped molds. If you don't have molds, get cookie cutters and a plastic wrap. Get the plastic wrap and lay it flat on the surface. Now press the cookie cutter against the plastic wrap and pour the chocolate in the cookie cutter. Hold the cookie cutter down for at least two minutes, then let it go. Put the chocolate in the freezer quickly and let it sit for five minutes. Bring it out and let it dry for one day. (You might want to get a parent's help to make sure this all works.) When that's done, put it into the mug!

You could also add cookies. Then if you want, get a card and write a poem and also put it in the mug. Put a bow on it and there is your present!

If you are looking for other Christmas ideas that cost little to do, I have found another one. To do this, you need to know a good recipe for brownies. First, get a jar and put holiday stickers on it. After that, put white glue over it and cover it with salt. With the salt stuck to the glue, it looks all snowy and awesome! When the glue is dry, put the brownies in the jar and remember to include the recipe of the brownies (maybe write it out on a pretty card or something). Put a bow on the jar, and you have the perfect gift! You could also do this with cookies, candy, and so on.

For this gift, all you need is an album, pictures, and something to decorate it all with. Get your pictures and put it in your album. Decorate it and attach something sweet, like a poem or something they can have to remember it by in the next year. On the cover, put something that has to do with the holidays. When you are done, wrap it and give it to your friends and/or family.

For this, buy a little basket. Just a little one, like what you could find in a craft store or a 99 Cent store. Now paint it so it looks extra special and glue beads on it or something like that. Now write a poem, and decorate it with holiday stuff. Add it to your basket. Also add jelly beans and maybe a few chocolate bars. Wrap it with a see-through plastic and put a bow on it. You are done!

Thses are only some ideas for holiday gifts. Be creative and remember: The best gifts are the ones that come from the heart, not the price. And also remember the holidays are about more than just presents. They are about spending time with family or friends too!

Happy Holidays!!!

Till next time,


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