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On the 26th of November, I came home from a vacation in the mountains. The first thing I did was to go on Whyville to check my mail... and discovered something really annoying.

Before I continue, you should know a little history. Not too long ago, I got mail from a Whyvillain by the name of WHYH3LP. The message said stuff like how I could join the so-called "council" for Whyville, and it asked for my first and last name, birthday, and password. So of course I reported it!

Now, I come home from my vacation and discover I have seven Y-mails, each with a subject like "Hi Stupid". The messages said things like, "Oh why didn't you reply to my Y-mail Stupid? You can't be part of the Whyville council by not replying to me!"

And also not too long ago, I got other spam Y-mail from someone called H8CRUMPLE. It was really annoying, too.

I would like Whyville to monitor these people who fill up our inboxes with spam. It wastes our time and it fills up Whyville's servers. A few days ago, I logged into my other account to restock some of my face parts for that account. WHYH3LP had filled my inbox with A LOT A LOT A LOT of spam mail. This made me really mad... isn't there a limit to how much mail they can send?

It's just that I want this whole spamming business to stop. If you read this far, thanks for reading, and please be gentle on the comments.


Editor's Note: If you receive a "spam" mail or a "forward", you can use the 911 report in Whyville -- just be sure that it's really a spam or a forward that the City Worker can understand. For example, if the Y-mail says "Forward this on to 10 friends or something terrible will happen to you" that's a kind of threat, so it's not ok in Whyville. Even the "nice" ones aren't approved of, because, as AJonera said, too many of these junk mails can affect Whyville's servers in a bad way.

Now, if you're getting a bunch of insulting Y-mails like "Why didn't you reply to my Y-mail Stupid?", I believe it's okay to 911 report them as well. It probably helps to report them all, so it's clear to the City Workers that this person is really harassing you. If they just sent two or three messages like that, it's not worthy of a 911 report. You can just use the vaporize tool in your Address Book (in your Y-mail) if the person keeps bugging you -- they won't be able to Y-mail or chat at you at all.


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