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A Fair Senate Race?

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As you all most likely know, a new Senate Race started just a few weeks ago. I love this event, which takes place very two months, because it brings voting to kids who don't get to vote in the real world!

Fact is, though, kids may not have the maturity to keep from doing wrong things in a senate race. They think of ideas to get votes and get power, but don't realize they are too cruel or too unfair to use. Here are a few of these wrong ideas listed below:

Get Friends to Vote for You.

I know, this isn't exactly a crime, when you look at it a different way. I myself have had the pressure pushing on my shoulders. But what pressure, you ask? Pressure, pressure from your friends being mad at you because you might not like their ideas and you want to vote for another platform. You don't have to listen to them! Vote for what you want to happen to Whyville. Don't vote because your friends put you up to it -- choose who you think is the right choice. Hopefully you will like your friend's ideas, and you can vote for him or her.

Vote for Yourself.

A lot of these platforms are cheated on, I think. About half of the platforms you view will be like the one I found. Check it out...

" " Jorge13 Jorge14 Jorge15 Jorge16 JorgeXVII
JorgeXVll 81egroJ Jorge19 xJORGEx noice XxjorgexX
SuprJorge ImPoor1 impoor2 ImPoor3 ImPoor4 ImPoor6
ImPoor7 xXNESHAXx sharklike xTrav515x Xiaolin57 cheater45
XxDem0nxX ILUVMDB ilvpartyn Mommi0 Mooooo1 Memo23456
hottboy02 M1zBHaved XoXjOrXoX iburnbad ImPoor9 ilvedogs
ImPoor10 irunuover ImPoor11 ImPoor12 ImPoor14 ImPoor15
grlygrl16 ImPoor16 ImPoor17 liltiger8 ImPoor18 ImPoor19
xBoKBoKx ImPoor20 IiItiger8 ImPoor21 lilone030 ImPoor22
ImPoor23 ImPoor24 ImPoor25 ImPoor26 AhshA ImPoor27
smiles030 ImPoor28 ImPoor29 kirkyboo ImPoor30 ImPoor31
ImPoor32 ImPoor33 ImPoor34 xxxIuvxxx ImPoor35 ImPoor36
ImPoor38 ImPoor37 ImPoor39 Lexi45 ImPoor40 TaytrHead
xyztank monkey459 sugachic6 britnkyle cutetanya bAdHeLeN
sLoMoShUn Tristah LUVNTREV blaze67 Kougra14 funkshizz
H3L3N SeSyHeLeN x0Aika0x Hurley6d9 xShawnahX emiIe
chex0l vampelf jamiekins stonrkity impishelf XImYoursX
Classof05 PrlnCeSse ImSp3ci4l selbas77 o00oo00oo tmax77

(Notice how I underlined the possible usernames that seem to be repeated over and over again.)

Now, I really don't think there are actually that many "Jorges" and "ImPoors" who want to vote for this platform maker. I cannot tell you the name of the maker of this platform, but I can tell you one thing... THIS IS WRONG!!!

Using Multiple Accounts to Vote for Somebody.

I've noticed that in most previous top-ranking platforms, there have been at least 10 usernames that had the same part of names; for example, WhyTimesrock and then something like WhyTimesR0ck. These citizens do not exist, but it is just a good example of what is going on. This might also be an example of what's above, but I realized in one of the top-three leaders I saw four of my friend's usernames' that all started with the same letters.


A load of platforms make it to the top three just based on popularity. Is it just a coincidence that PUNKnPIE just happens to know most of the major store makers who signed her platform, and that she makes wonderful face parts? I am not being critical, but this is what happens in most every election and it is bad. Most people look more that the screen name rather then what the platform contains.


This is one of the most major part of the problem. Citizens are bribing people into making them vote for them. Giving out clams, doing humiliating things, and one of the worst... people are giving their passwords after the election is done. This hasn't happened to many people but I know citizens who have gotten their accounts stolen because they wanted one simple vote, most of these citizens don't even make the top three. These are just a few of the many bribes you can find for a vote.

Thank you for your time! I really hope you think second thoughts before you do any of these horrible things for a vote.


Editor's Note: Is it really horrible to be well-known and run for office? Is it really so bad to ask your friends to vote for you? When does someone cross the line from asking politely to be considered, to pressuring their friends too much? And when is it not fair to use the signs of your hard work and success in Whyville -- your clams -- to get ahead?

I'm reminded of an earlier article by Times Writer wildfire9, What's Wrong with This Senate Race!? At the end of that article, I said:

"I'm sure City Hall will take into account these people's decisions to use their own accounts to vote for themselves. On the other hand, if you do use your additional accounts on a regular basis -- if they're "alive", real citizens of Whyville -- those accounts probably should have a right to vote, too, don't you think?

Something you *can* do to help is to keep writing these kinds of articles, and on the flipside, encourage the *positive* part of Whyville politics. This was an excellent case of investigative journalism in Whyville -- thanks!"


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