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Are Whyville Face Parts Pieces of Art?

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Everyone goes to Akbar's looking for the best parts and the cheapest parts. I am talented at art, though not on the computer, as you can tell from my store. I sketch people I don't even know and I go to an art school across town, so I think a lot about art. My question is, are the face parts on Whyville made by talented people or computer nerds? I'm ozzy111 and I'd like you to please read on for more information.

People who make parts on Whyville really aren't computer nerds, as one person said in Club Why when I was talking about my store. They are talented and could be drawn to an occupation in graphic designing. Most of them had no experience before Whyville, I think, and over time got better and better.

I did a little research and I found out a lot of colleges teach graphic designing and related topics. I decided to search for schools in California, because that's where a lot of Whyvillians live. City Workers also live there, so I thought they might know. In any case, I found a school called the California Design College. It has a lot to do with graphic design. There they use computers (of course) to make magazine covers and pictures on the computer. It is one of the jobs I may be looking into.

Did you know that several of the City Workers are graphic designers? They are the makers of Whyville. Go ahead call them computer nerds if you think they are. They are talented people. They made our chat rooms with a worn-down mouse, probably!

Even Whyville citizens are young graphic designers... Yargpixie and Crumple go to an art school that has graphic design as one of the main focuses. Many people who have an artistic talent with graphic design should be thinking about an occupation in it.

Hope you enjoyed this.

For now, I'm ozzy111 and that's the 411.


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