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The Day Neutral Forgot Us

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December 8, 2004 is a day we shall never forget. Whyvillians will hold it sadly in their hearts forever, passing the story on to the next generation of newbies for years to come.

What am I talking about? We will know this as The Day Neutral Forgot Us.

A tragedy swept the Greek Theater last week when everyone realized that our dear City Worker was 15 minutes late for our beloved Trivia Hour. Next came 30 minutes... then 45 minutes. Still, the awesomest Trivia host ever did not show up.

People wept, for they realized they would not be winning any clams that night. Citizens screamed for neutral, throwing projectiles in rampant chaos. Organized chaos, that is, for of course nobody can move freely in that chatroom.

After an hour, most of the people had cleared out. But, a few remained, lingering, hoping that maybe... just maybe... neutral would perhaps remember and magically appear.

To their dismay, he did not.

Whyvillians that looked like yetis then appeared in Greek Theater, and began to yell, "RABBLE, RABBLE!" This got everyone started. All of Greek Theater was soon filled with the awful yelling, "RABBLE, RABBLE!"

"RABBLE! RABBLE!" A war cry, forewarning the violent events to come.

What happened next was not cool. Some people starting yelling all the bad things that could have happened to neutral.

"He died!"

"Somebody killed him!"

This shocked the younger Whyvillians. They didn't know what to think. Others began to sing Shania Twain songs.

From now on, we will remember to value our Trivia Hours, because, there might be one day when history will repeat itself.


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