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Stinky's Christmas

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Once upon a time,
or so the Tingles would say,
there was a wonderful town,
so very far away...

This town was Tingleville
full of the Tingle men.
Where it was snowy all year round
And everyone were friends.

Christmas was a busy time
for all the people there.
With decorations to set up,
and merriment to share.

But there was one small Tingle,
who was not at all like the others.
He had no parents to speak of,
and no sisters or brothers.

Stinky was his Tingle name,
and other Tingles teased him so.
They didn't see how it hurt him,
but he'd make sure they'd know!

On the night before Christmas,
Stinky went out of his house,
and crept into the sleeping town
as quite as a mouse.

But when he got to the town square,
"Christmas stinks!" He'd exclaim.
And run, doing terrible things
while cursing his rotten name.

He was in a terrible rage
as he ran around the town,
unplugging all the Christmas lights
and knocking snowmen down.

He ran over the Christmas tree
that stood in Center Street.
He screamed how Christmas was stupid
to anyone he'd meet.

But then he got a bad idea
and started stealing all the Christmas stuff!
But finally, the Tingle police caught him
and told him "That's enough!"

He went to court on Christmas day,
and Santa was the judge.
He looked down upon poor Stinky
and said as sweetly as fudge:

"Stinky, you've been naughty,
but I know what's to blame.
So why not change your ways,
And I will change your name!"

And so Stinky's name was changed,
and it filled him full of glee.
He now has a normal name,
just like you and me.


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