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The Senate Debate

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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 30 will be the OFFICIAL SENATE DEBATE! The candidates will come to the Greek Theater on Thursday at 2:00 p.m. to participate in the latest Whyville Senate Debate, led by City Hall.

Candidates will answer questions from City Hall one at a time, without interrupting. Depending on what's said, City Hall may allow each of the candidates to respond to the other candidates' comments, when they are finished.

After City Hall's planned questions, we'll probably take questions from the crowd for a short while. When the official debate is over (after about an hour), the candidates are welcome to stay on stage to continue debating and chatting with their fellow citizens.

A transcript of the debate will appear in the Times in the January 2nd issue, so if you miss out on the debate, be sure to check out the paper before deciding your vote! (The transript may be a little late, because it takes a lot of work to prepare.)

The final voting will begin soon after the debate. This is a NEW round of voting, so you'll need to vote again -- your votes on the platforms no longer count. You'll be able to vote from the announcements page that you get when you first log in.

Remember, the candidates' platforms are in this week's paper, so read up and come to the debate with good questions!

To clarify:

The Great Debates! Hosted by the one and only City Hall on December 30 at 2 p.m. WhyTime, the Senate Debate features Senator candidates answering the important questions of the day, as provided by citizens and City Workers.

Election Time: Time for everyone to vote! After the debate is over, every time you log in to Whyville, you'll see a vote screen come up. You only get one vote, so keep that in mind -- whatever your last vote is, that's the one that counts!

Senator Announced: The new Senator will be announced in the January 9th issue of the Times, and the swearing-in ceremony (inauguration) will be scheduled shortly afterwards.

The Next Race! Don't forget, we have three Senators, and Senator softbll12 has been in office for almost six months. That means the next Senate Race is coming soon -- so think about your platforms and write great articles for the Times about what Whyville politics needs most!


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