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Tsunami: How Powerful Was It?

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Since the terrible tsunami in southeast Asia, scientists across the globe have been researching a lot about it. They're learning about the earth, its axis, and the islands affected. Some say the disaster changed the whole map. I'm Ozzy111, here to tell you all about what happened.

According to some experts, the 9.0 earthquake moved small islands as much as 20 meters. The quake struck 250 km southeast of Sumatra Island, in the Indian Ocean. Based on seismic modeling, scientists say that some of the smaller islands off the southwest coast of Sumatra have moved 20 meters to the southwest.The northwestern tip of Sumatra may have also moved to the southwest by about 36 meters.

This was one powerful earthquake. It was so strong it made the whole planet wobble on its axis. Also, it permanently altered the regional map.

How did this all happen? Scientists say that when the two sides of the undersea fault slipped against each other, the incredible energy released caused the Earth to move.

This powerful earthquake created a tsunami, as we all know, that killed hundreds of thousands of people in half a dozen countries. The waves swept beachgoers out to sea, and destroyed dozens of costal villages.

My family is going to send $100 to help the rescue efforts. What can you do? There are many things. Go to Google.com. There you will see a link (see picture below). Click that link and you can find many many things to do to help with the clean-up.

I hope you can help in any way possible. For now, I'm ozzy111, and that's the 411.

Editor's Note: Nice report, Ozzy111! Let us know in the BBS where you discovered these intriguing facts and statistics, okay?


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