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New WhyPass Developments

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After City Worker neutral's chat to us about WhyPasses on Friday, January 28, and Saturday, January 29, I decided to report to you on the improvements being made.

What we knew:

As I wrote this, it was still January. At that time, WhyPasses were being sold at $20 for a Lifetime WhyPass. You could get several perks, including unexpirable parts, the right to own animated parts, priority access to the Face Factory and priority access to Whyville.

What's New!

WhyPass owners will now receive 50 parts from Grandma. These are parts that have been donated by Whyvillians to the donating bin.

Starting February 1, 2005, Lifetime WhyPasses will be offered for $35. This could be your last chance to get a Lifetime WhyPass, actually. After March 1, there will be no more Lifetime WhyPasses sold, and you will have to buy a monthly WhyPass for $5 a month if you don't already have a Lifetime one.

If you buy 5 months worth of monthly WhyPasses ($25), though, you will get an extra month-long WhyPass to make a total of 6 months. One month free!

There will also be on-the-grass seating during Media Hour and Trivia Hour, a perk that CW Programmer Mark is working on as you read this. Other perks are coming later in 2005, including a friend finder!

There were many other ideas suggested, such as WhyPass hats and an online notebook to write stuff in, as well as multi-recipient mailing.

CW Neutral asked for the main reasons why people had bought a WhyPass -- they said they wanted to make parts and have ones that were unexpirable.

He also told us the reason that we couldn't pay for WhyPasses with clams is that you can't just get stuff this good for free. Programmers have to program them, artists have to design them, and the servers that Whyville exists on have to be paid for. The more money WhyPasses bring in to Whyville, the more cool stuff we'll have, all of us.

Thank you for listening in to learn about the new installments for WhyPasses,


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