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Media Hour Touches on Safety

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KrIsTiN40 here, reporting to you right after the Media Hour on January 22. Today's topic was Homeland Security. As always, the seats were packed, and MediaWiz was exactly on time. (Thanks for that ;-) Everybody had something to say, and all views were right -- in my opinion, anyway.

We started out by talking about the Patriot Act. We discussed the pros and cons of it, never coming out with a complete answer on whether it is a good thing.

Next we talked about terrorists. MediaWiz explained to us that there are two kinds of terrorists, domestic and international. Domestics are terrorists who are natives of the country that they attack. Internationals are from outside the country or countries they attack.

The group was split again, this time over which kind of terrorist we were more worried about.

We also talked about 9/11, the war in Iraq, and Osama bin Laden. Many people were absolutely shocked to learn that the U.S. invested time and money in training Osama bin Laden many years ago, to fight against the Soviet Union, which ruled Afghanistan at the time.

We also talked about innocent people getting searched without evidence, and whether it was worth the risk of innocent people going to jail.

All in all, this was a very controversial Media Hour, the most exciting I've been to! Finally, Media Hour invited a few lucky Whyvillians on stage to end the discussion.

I'm off to go get ready for the 2-3 feet of snow coming my way! Hope you all are staying safe and involved.

Your loyal Whyvillian,


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