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Projectiles 101

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Seron is holding a projectile contest this month, which has caused some real excitement among us projectile throwers. In preparation for the tournament -- and to encourage people to take part in this really fun Whyville-only activity -- I'm here to tell you all about the hows and whosits of projectiles!

First things first. You have to buy projectiles and the Projectile Shoppe. I would recommend for beginners to use 1 clams projectiles so you can get a hang of things.

There are two ways to throw projectiles. One way is saying "throw (projectile) (name of person)." So if my friend were to throw a wink at me, it would be "throw wink lexy32600."

But for the projectile fight this month, that method of throwing projectiles is not allowed. That's too easy. And so, we will use the second way. Say "throw (projectile) (degree)." Say you were to the right of me, lexy32604. Then you would say "throw wink 180."

If you're not familiar with degrees, here's a list of them and what direction saying them will go:

0 : right
50 : diagonal up right
90 : up
120 : diagonal up left
180 : left
-120 : diagonal down left
-90 : down
-50 : diagonal down right

With some practice, you will soon memorize these easily. Knowing 0, 90, 180 and -90 is most helpful. But if you wanna try the diagonals, very good for you!

Here's how to remember how the diagonals work: 50's go left, 120's go right, and positive goes up while negatives go down.

You can try practicing in the Zero Gravity Chamber if you like. Practice will help you type faster, and doing it in the Chamber also helps you increase your salary!

I've taught many people how to use projectiles and I wanted to share my knowledge with you for a good cause. Good luck trying to get those 500 clams at Seron's competition! :-)

This is lexy32600, with her sidekick Sugaray the wonder tabby.


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