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WhyPox: Back for the Season!

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Do you remember once upon a time seeing yourself on Whyville with big red bumps on your face, saying "Achoo" uncontrollably? Well, it's back, and... what's this?!? People are... celebrating?!?

Yes, I had just came from Media Hour, and decided to go to the Beach. (Maybe I'd be lucky enough to get a tan!) That's when I said it... the demon... it was... it was.... Achoo! The WhyPox!

I was amazed to see so many people sneezing, everywhere I turned. I decided to go to Club Why; they were there. So I went to the WhyHouse; to my surprise, they were there, too.

"I thought that the City Workers were quitting the WhyPox thing," I thought to myself. "I thought that it was 'Good-bye' to WhyPox." But no, I had been wrong.

The best part of the WhyPox being back is that you don't have to be embarrassed to go into a chatroom and show your face, because guess what? No more blotchy faces!! WOOHOO!!!

But why are people celebrating? Many questions such as this raced through my mind. And the question, "Can you get the Pox more than once?" I believed MediaWiz pointed out that each Whyvillian can only get the WhyPox once... but who can be sure?

While I was at the beach, I took pictures of a few 'enthusiastic' Whyvillians. I even circled the people who had WhyPox. I'm going to
take the liberty to stay away from anyone with such a horrible disease. (I'm not taking any chances!)

In other news, MediaWiz said that they were working on the WhyPox game -- that is, the Whyville CDC. I can't wait to be able to play it! He also says to check around at the CDC for more updates about WhyPox.

Staying away from WhyPox,
monae929 =)


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