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Return of the WhyPox!

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As many of you may know, the WhyPox started up early 2002 and continued on for quite a while, eventually fading until it was no longer a common disease in mid-2004. That's the history of this dreaded disease, according to my research.

Not many Whyvillians have witnessed it since that time. This morning, I got onto Whyville and went to my favorite chat: Club Why. I observed that a vast amount of people were virtually sneezing "Achoo."

Other times before this morning, people would go around faking the WhyPox and saying Achoo. I played along this morning, fake sneezing like everyone else. But little did I know, they were sneezing beyond their control.

Achoos filled the room. They interrupted peoples' conversations. Soon I was a little less skeptical, but still in wonder.

A little later, I went through the Warp Wagon to Las Vegas with my friends Madfin and Skaterjab to "skydive" off of the buildings. Apparently, I was chatting too fast and got booted out of the room. I went back, and noticed no one was there.

I sat there for a while, thinking that they would be coming back soon. "Achoo," I said, sitting in silence. W--wait a minute! That wasn't me

Oh no! I had caught the WhyPox, indeed.

But how? There were only five solutions I came up with that were reasonable explanations of how this contagious disease spread to me, if in fact I'd caught the disease in the last day:

* I was danced on by a WhyPox victim
* I caught a projectile thrown by a WhyPox victim
* I was whispered to by a WhyPox victim
* I received mail from a WhyPox victim
* I was in a room surrounded by WhyPox victims

Which of these do you think is how WhyPox spreads to other people? It could be all of them, for all we know!

There are also a few other questions I have about the return of the WhyPox. Will infected victims get a rash within the next day? How long will this new epidemic last?

Post what you think about this situation in the BBS below.

You heard it here, folks!


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