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What's Happened to the Trading Post?

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This is an issue I have found with Whyville. You may not agree, but I think the Trading Post has changed.

When I was a newer Whyville face, the Trading Post was friendly and kind to me. The people there would trade things for my parts. I didn't have that many parts, but they would trade green earmuffs and things like that for my kitty nose and other things. Now, because of their help, I have a face I like.

About a week ago, I went back to the Post to trade. I saw a few people there saying, "If you have clams, press 333!!" Or other numbers.

I didn't really think about what these people really wanted, because it was morning and I was still half asleep. So I said "333." BIG MISTAKE!!!

One girl said "Go to room 14." I went with her.

There, she said "What do you want?"

I said, "I would like some hair or lips."

She said, "OK here," and came up with some blond hair and some red lips. OK, I thought.

"I will trade my hair I won't ever use, because it doesn't look good with my pixie face."

So then she said, "OK, I want 2,000 clams."

I thought, Are you kidding me? So I typed, "I don't have that much."

She said, "Then give me all of the clams that you have."

I said I that wouldn't, but I would trade her 20 clams and some hair. She said that she wasn't gonna take 20 clams because she needed more, so she left.

I went back to the main room at the Trading Post and found three girls there. I said, "Trade, press 111." One of the girls typed 111, so I said, "Let's go to room 17." (I turned out this room was full, so we went to 18.)

She said she wanted hair. I said OK, then she said, "Here's some lips."

I liked the lips, and she said she liked the hair, but she wanted clams, too.

I asked, "How many?" She said, "Umm... 400."

I thought, Why is everyone not trading???

I don't think that anyone is willing to trade that many clams for the parts we were trading. The newbies go there when they have 7 clams and have Grandma's face parts.

What has happened to the Trading Post??? It's still a mystery unsolved for me, but you're probably thinking, well, only two times. Actually, I have dealt with this about 15 times at the Post. I really want to trade, but I can't because no one is into fair prices for face parts any more. I have about three hairs I would trade and some lips, eyes and noses, so I don't really think it's my fault.

This is my message in this article: let's change the Trading Post back!

I've made my point for now,


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