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Password Stealers

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Password Stealers

by BabyGrl00
    Guest Writer

Early on Wednesday morining, I saw someone in a chatroom asking people for their passwords to change their salaries to 50 clams. What the innocent Whyvillians didn't know was that this person was going to change their passwords and their email address so they could never go on that screen name again.

Here is a list of some Whyvillians who say they have had their password taken by this mysterious password stealer:

Helen Neleh
BabyGrl00 (me)

If you have stolen these Whyvillians' passwords, please return them.

I have also made a list of Whyvillians who are believed to steal passwords:


Watch out for these people and some others. All I'm trying to say is that you should never fall for anyone's password stealing tricks. You should never give your password to your friends either, because one day you might have a fight and they might go on your screen name and steal your clams.

Be smart. Never give out your password to anyone except your parents.

BabyGrl00 signing off!


by buckshot
    Guest Writer

How would you fell if someone hacked into your account and stole all your stuff? Well, that's what happened to KaitieB... Some cruel person got into KatieB's account. Here's her story.

KatieB was at the playground when a girl came up to her and told her she knew this cool code. It was a code that would give you 500 clams, but the girl said she'd have to know KatieB's password to do it and give her the clams. KaitieB said, "You can just give me the code, right?" But the girl answered, "No." So KaitieB gave her her password, because she thought that she would get the 500 clams. But it was a scam.

The girl had tricked her. She went on Whyville under KatieB's name and stole all her clothes and stuff and changed her password.

KatieB (who is now KB2006) had worked on her identity for a very long, long time. She was very pretty and had like 30 beautiful shirts and about 3,000 clams, but she lost it all.

She can't remember what the girl's name was, but she really wants to find out so she can get her stuff back. If you know any thing about this incident or wish to turn yourself in, Y-mail City Hall and buckshot. There will be a 1,000 clam reward for any clues that help with this case please help please.

This is buckshot signing off.



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