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The Legend of the Wolf

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Legend of the Wolf

by Cheyanne
    Guest Writer

Hello. This is Cheyanne here, and I just wanted to let all the people in Whyville know about the Legend Of The Wolf. It is a legend that has been passed down to me through my Cheyanne acestors.

In the beginning, there was a man and woman. And nothing else on Earth walked or swam or flew. So the woman dug a big hole in the ground and she started fishing in it.

One by one, she pulled out all of the animals. And the last animal she pulled out was the caribou.

And so the woman set the caribou free and ordered it to multiply and soon the land was full of them. And the People lived well and they were happy.

But the hunters only killed those caribou that were big and strong, and soon all that were left were the weak and the sick. And the People began to starve.

So the woman had to make magic again and this time she called Amorak, Spirit of the Wolf, to winnow out the weak and the sick so the herd would once again be strong.

The People realized that the caribou and the wolf were one. For although the caribou feeds the wolf, it is the wolf that keeps the caribou strong.



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