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Announcements, Announcements

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Announcements, Announcements

Guest Writer

Hey, I am holding a contest for two people to win 1000 clams for stuff in Akbar's! With an awesome makeover, if you want one!! Anyone can enter!! You must Y-mail me, supastar0, with the subject -- SHOPPING SPREE -- and the following things:

Why you deserve to win 1000 clams for a big shopping spree in Akbar's?

Two people will win this! One for the best answer, and one for the 50th Y-mail I receive about this! If you win, you will be mentioned in my next article in the Times, and I will Y-mail you back! Good luck! And please only enter once, or none of your entries will count!


Guest Writer

Hello! Whyvillians!

There is going to be a modeling show put on by my modelco (rexy's modelco). I would like to invite anyone who would want to come! I don't know the date yet, because I don't know when my models will be free, but when I get the time I'll send out another article. At this modeling show my models are going to be wearing popular fashions like tops and hats! We are going to be selling them, too, so be sure to save up your clams! It's going to be like a bidding show too: we will start at 1/2 price and people will bid higher and higher if they want it.

Well that's my modelco. update.


Guest Writer

In April, I announced a story contest. I got 2 (YES, ONLY 2 ENTRIES!!) but, then my account was hacked into and all my mail was deleted. I lost both entries! I had already picked the winner, though. So... now I figure... I made up a contest, I might as well say true to my word.

The second place winner was GenieLU. The story was awesome, but sad. Congrats! GenieLU you get 100 clams.

The first place winner was Nova99. Her story titled "EH" was very interesting and it was awesome also.

I would have shared the stories with you but they were deleted. And I also would have announced earlier, but I FORGOT!! Sorry!

To claim your prize, Y-mail me!


Guest Writer

Hi peoples!

This is jemma, reporting for you here. There have been a few newbies signing up to Whyville, that's not bad, but don't you think they could be a bit lonely, not knowing what to do, like how to get face parts, how to get clams, how to y-mail...?

So, you're probably thinking , how will she fix this problem ? It's quite easy: what YOU have to do is Y-mail me (jemma), and send your name and how would you help this new Whyvillian !

It's so easy! And if you're a new Whyvillian at Whyville, well, what you have to do is y-mail me, and I'll fix you up with a helper as soon as possible!


Guest Writer

Hi there. I am HaloStar here to tell you about a play I am going to make. I myself love to act, and if you do then you might wanna be in it too. It will be held in the Auditorium, but I don't know when yet. I need:

  • Actors/Actresses
  • Costume Designers
  • Stage Managers
  • Effects
  • Entertainers for intermission

We will be taking Donations for Newbies Who Need Money (NWNM). Everyone is invited and I will post when it is. If you want to be in it then Y-mail me, HaloStar, and we will have practices and I will tell you about them!! If there are any questions, Y-mail me.



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