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A Little Advice for Newbies

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A Little Advice for Newbies

by Lilly2000
    Times Writer

I don't think newbies should be begging for clams. I have over 3000 clams but that doesn't mean I'm going to give you 100 clams! NO WAY!!

If I give you 100 clams, not only are you taking away all the clams I made that day from my salary but part of anything else I earned, like making face parts, and if I didn't sell any face parts the day you asked me for clams, you are taking away 34 clams from yesterday! Not only that, but an extra 10 clams for the clam gram fee. So in total 110 clams are taken away from me. And I had to work for all my clams so I don't think it's fair that you don't have to.


If your salary is 10 clams and you come in every day you will have 70 clams at the end of the week if you didn't spend any. In every game there are instructions at the bottom of the window. Go to Whyville Square and at the bottom it says Earning More Clams. Click there and it will tell you how to get clams. IT'S SO EASY!!

You get 3 clams a day if you get gold in the skater game and 8 clams a day if you go through the House of Illusions! Those are really easy games. And you don't even have to get gold in the spin game with the shapes to get your salary up. Just get a bronze or a silver. It's so easy!

If you need help mail me with a specific question (not "How do I get clams?" but something about a specific game, like, "How do I get the shapes to spin in the spin game?").

You may ask, "Why don't we get clams when we start?"

Well, it's because people make separate accounts just to get clams from that account. So if we gave you 50 clams to start, and someone made 3 accounts other than his normal one he would have an extra 150 clams, and that's not fair! That's the main reason why you have to work to get 3000 or even 70 clams. Also, it's just not like real life to give you money for nothing! I have a job delivering newspapers, and sometimes I hate it!! But at the end of the month I get around \$90! Good enough for me!

So please don't ask for clams. I don't want to go and search for you in the city records, put you in my address book, and send you clams. It's a waste of time, a waste of clams for me and a waste of time spent working on my salary to get it up to 66!

This may seem a little cruel to you newbies, and I am sorry for that. But I don't feel sorry for you not having clams. You have to be patient for City Hall to add up your salary so you get it every time you come in.

Just so you know, I did ask for clams a couple times but that was only 2 times. Ask your friends to give you some clams. Don't ask someone to be your friend and only talk to them once, all just to get clams from them. That's happened to me! That's not being a real friend.

In the beginning and middle of the year 2000 there weren't as many beggars. I think this is either because people got clams to start with, or people were not as obsessed with looks. Or maybe that there weren't as many newbies.

People really don't like giving their hard earned clams to people, especially people they don't know. So if you see someone giving clams to someone, think why. Maybe they are friends or maybe that person did not ask for many clams, or maybe that person had a bit to spare but now he or she might not.

Just because someone calls you ugly or you don't win a beauty contest doesn't mean that you need to ask people for clams. It doesn't matter what other people think. And, obviously newbies aren't as beautiful as people that have been here for a couple of months. Don't expect to be beautiful in your first week, or even month.

Don't say to people "Oh you are so handsome/pretty, can you give me some clams?", it doesn't work. If they are smart enough, they will know you are just saying that to get clams. It makes you less likely to get clams.

Begging will not only make you annoying but less popular. People will know who you are and remember that you begged for their clams and maybe they won't want to talk to you.

If you need some help with the games Y-mail me -- Lilly2000!

This is Lilly2000 signing off, and good luck to all you newbies in your new life in Whyville! Have fun!



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