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My New Year's Story

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My New Year's Story

by Mckenzie
    Whyville Writer

Chapter 1: Horrible happenings

I went over to my friend, Meagan's house, to see if she could play, when I heard Luke (my crush) screaming for me to come. When I saw him standing by Kristen, I screamed. She had fallen off her bike, riding down the steep hill for expert riders, even though she was a beginner. She broke her leg and had fainted from pain. I called the ambulance quickly, and after a few weeks she was doing much better.

I was riding my scooter again, when Kristen was better, as usual, when I saw Sydney walking to me crying as hard as I had ever seen her cry. "What's wrong? Did you hurt yourself?" I asked. "N-no its not that.... I-I-m moving to C-California New Years Eve." she sobbed. "No! On New Years Eve?!" I started to sob also. "Y-yes!" She sobbed even harder.

Chapter 2: Saying Good-byes

Me and Sydney cried in each others arms, sobbing good-byes unwillingly. "You can't go! Whom will I share secrets with? Who's brother will I annoy? Who will be as kind to me as you have been to me?!" I sobbed. "I don't know, but I'll always be with you, right here," she said as she put her hand over my heart. "So will I," I cried.

Chapter 3: Could it be?!

Right after New Year's, I was leaning against the car when I actually saw Sydney running to me!!

"SYDNEY!!!!!!!!" I screamed unbelievingly. "AMANDA!!!" she screamed back. "What are you doing here?? I thought you moved away forever!!" I cried happily. "So did I, but my Mom and Dad didn't like it there! I'm so happy!" she said. "Me too. This must be the best New Year's present I've ever had," I said. And she never moved again, and we were always together, as happy as anybody could be.

The End




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