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Whyvillians Out of Control

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Whyvillians Out of Control

by Twilite
    Times Reporter

I went to check the Whyville BBS today for important announcements etc. from City Hall, and I was disappointed to see the mass of petitions that had been posted into inappropriately titled sections.

I love Whyville. I think it is a great place especially for kids because it has such effective means of protecting children from a lot of the bad stuff that is out there on the net. In a section titled "Announcements From City Hall", there are things like "To:Kewlstuff Fashions by gurdy" which could have been sent via ymail and "~*~House Thing~*~ by Charity" which really is only an ad. I think it is appalling that Whyvillians take advantage of the City Hall announcement board's publicity for their own personal bulletin board. Things like that belong elsewhere.

City Hall even made this post that Whyvillians continue to ignore:

"Oh, and everybody, please don't start any threads here in this part of the BBS. It's supposed to be just for official info from me, sort of the government side of the BBS. There are other sections in the BBS for other stuff."

Things like letters of outrage and advertisements and inappropriate proclamations have places elsewhere and nowhere on City Hall. It makes it hard for Whyvillians to see the important things when others take advantage like that. Please read this and decide for yourself to be a better Whyvillian and stop the evil. That's a little bit dramatic (evil) but it makes the point.

Please Y-mail me if you have any opinions and comments on this point.
Thank you for taking your time to read this!





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