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What's Not-So-New This Week

If you've been following the Times these past few weeks, I'm sure you've noticed that password stealing has become a crisis of epic proportions in Whyville.

The standard scam: someone offers to raise your salary for you to some tempting amount, like 86(!) clams.

Setting aside the fact that letting someone raise your salary for you goes decidedly against the Whyville spirit, now you'll actually be able to bust the lying creep just by going to City Records. City Hall has made salary information a matter of public knowledge, and chances are, scam artists probably make measly salaries themselves.

This week's issue also carries three more articles on this hot issue. Read them to learn more about the modi operandi of Whyville scam artists, as well as tips on protecting your password. There's even a confession from a password stealer herself.

Remember, the ONLY way people can hack into your account is if they know your password, or if they've guessed your password. It's that simple.

So wise up and keep your password safe. My sources are telling me that City Management is sick and tired of retrieving passwords from citizens who are too trusting and are contemplating seriously the merits of going on strike...

Yours truly,
The Editor


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