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A Confession

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A Confession

by Sugar2001
    Guest Writer
Hi, my name is Sugar2001, and I have a confession to make!

Many of you people out there have had an account stolen by some two-timing, lying creep... and for some of you, it was me who was the creep, and I'm really sorry!

I was having some financial problems and thought that was a way to solve it, but I was wrong -- really wrong! I took advantage of innocent Whyvillians and I know how wrong that was!

Wow, you have no idea how embarrassing this is to be telling this to everybody in Whyville! But, "let the truth be told" is my motto! LOL... but I guess this isn't really a time to be laughing. I guess I'm just trying to make myself feel better.

If you're wondering if I was the person who stole your account, I'll help you out by putting a list of the ones I'm guilty of stealing. Here's the list:

But she got hers back, and I apologized!

But I gave hers back along with 50 clams and an apology.

But I gave his back and apologized.

And I said some bad things to her and I'm sorry!!

And also on my old account, sugar2000, my sister, as nasty as she is, while I was away she went on my name and stole a few more accounts, which I got in trouble for. I want to apologize to those people...

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry and I have already spoken to you!

I'm sorry!

To those people, unfortunately I don't have the passwords, and I'm really really sorry for what I have done!

If any of you people could find a spot in your hearts to forgive me, I would appreciate that so much! You wouldn't believe how much I'd appreciate that!!

If you happen to forgive me, I ask only one favour, even though I don't deserve one, if only you would write a letter to City Hall through email at city-management\@whyville.net, telling them you've forgiven me. That'd be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks so much! You have no idea how much this means to me! And just for doing that, if you write the letter to City Hall and they let me know, I will guarantee you at least 100 clams if I get my other account back! But that means I need all of the people on this article to write to City Hall by email!!! Thanks!!!!!!

This is Sugar2001, signing off till next time (which hopefully there will be a next time, LOL).



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