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Happy Easter, to all of you who celebrate the day, whether religious or secular. Do you know the difference? Here in Whyville, we're celebrating by hosting the 2nd Whyville Easter Egg Hunt! It's going on right now, so get looking. If you're lucky enough to find the GREEN egg (be the first to click on it!), you'll get a one-month Why-Pass.

I hope you enjoy our Easter newspaper, as well. Thanks to the writers who sent in stories that fit the holiday well ahead of time!

Also news this week is the new Senate Race. Yup, we're on to another one already -- the platform tool should be open on Monday. City Hall tells me she hopes to have the Race on a more regular schedule in the future. Inaugurations will probably happen the first week of every other month.

A change in the schedule, a change in the season... a change in the weather! Yep, if you've been paying attention to the little weather marker over the bus, you'll notice it now says "Weather Report: Brisk". Wonder what's in the wind....

Another relatively new arrival is the ScienceStuff.com banner on your Welcome Page. Did you notice it? Anyone who's taken a trip over to their website is welcome to write a report on it for the Times, especially if you've bought some of their "stuff". Extra credit if you contact the company to ask them questions for your article!

Take another look at your Welcome Page. Right under your face in the green box, you'll notice a small envelope with a number on it. That number tells you how many Y-mails you have! This is a good way to keep track of whether you have new Y-mail or not.

As March comes to a close, don't forget that you can get a Whyville medal if you visit in the last week of March, as long as your account was created at least a year ago. Last I talked with City Hall, I thought you could visit anytime during March, but I saw in Bigfoot's Welcome Page that it says you have to visit in the LAST WEEK, so you should probably follow that instruction to get your award.

And that's pretty much that.

Times Editor


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