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What's it Really Like Being Senator?

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I have just did an interview with Rebok via Y-mail. You should read this because it will definitely give you tips on everything from what being Senator is like to how to get a high salary. Rebok tells me she's really glad she'll get to say these things.

Here it our conversation:

Ps2man1: What is it like being Senator?
Rebok: It's very fun! A lot of Whyvillians look up to you.

Ps2man1: I've heard you make 132 clams a day. Do you have any advice on how to get this far? If so tell all you've got.
Rebok: It takes a lot of hard work to get a high salary. It really helps if you understand the game by reading the instructions.

Ps2man1: Good answer. I'll read the instructions more often. Do you want to say hi to any friends? LoL.
Rebok: I'll say hi to four of my real-life friends who supported me through the whole election. They know who they are, I hope.
Ps2man1: I'd like to say "Hi Mom." LoL.

Ps2man1: What's the hardest part of being Senator?
Rebok: You get a lot more Y-Mail, and sometimes it is hard to keep up.

Ps2man1: That must be hard if even a great person of Whyville has trouble keeping up. Were you friends with your opponents in the Senate Race, babeeroxy and CuTiE1612?
Rebok: Yes, during the race we became friends.

Ps2man1: How did you feel on your inauguration day?
Rebok: I was very happy to be sworn in that day.

Ps2man1: I really want to know, why is your name Rebok? Do you wear their shoes or something? LoL.
Rebok: My name is Rebok because in grade 6 my friend called me Rebok. My real name is Rebecca.

Ps2man1: Thank you for the interview! Good luck in your term in the Whyville Senate!

That was my interview with Rebok. I hope you liked it as much as I did writing it.

This is ps2man1, signing off. *signs off*


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