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Egg Hunt

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As I was wandering around Whyville these last few days, guess what I found? Easter eggs!

Yes, the Easter Bunny's been to Whyville, and it looks wonderful! I took some pictures of all the places I found them. Now, can you find them?

(Editor's Note: These eggs are different from Whyville's official Easter Egg Hunt.)

In the following five pictures, there is one egg in each picture. The first person to Y-mail me, Hermionez, with the location of all five eggs wins 50 clams. The two runner-ups will each get 30 clams.

If you need a hint, look in the captions for the pictures. Some will have hints, some will just be random Easter-related statements. Good luck!

I wonder if the Easter bunny eats eggs. I mean, I know he eats carrots, and lettuce, and other greens, but does he eat eggs? Hmmm....

Hey, is that a tiny carrot on the table?

Why is it that there are Christmas lights, and Halloween decorations, but nothing for Easter? Not yet, anyway!

How do you dye spotted eggs? I've tried using tape and crayon, but nothing works.

Happy Spring!! Always remember, eat the ears of a chocolate bunny first!

Happy Hunting, Happy Easter, Happy Passover and Happy Spring!!!!

This is Hermionez, signing off to turn a flashlight and shine it at my ear. Hey, it's shining through the other end! LOL!


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