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Encounter with a Criminal

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Recently, I went into my favorite chatroom, Dr. Leila's, and stayed in there for a while. I met some people, chatted, the usual.

I wasn't planning on going into any other rooms because I had to leave my computer soon to go eat. It was my only time to get into Whyville that week because of my MASSIVE ammount of homework!

The next day, I had a whymail with the subject of "Hey".

I opened it and it read, "Hey, do you want cheats for the ArtSets game?"

I replied quickly and certainly: "Of course not! I want to earn my clams! NOT STEAL THEM!" Then I 911-reported the Y-mail.

About five minutes later, I got a reply: "o ur a ___ i hate u reported me and the fun of cheats is u get more clamz."

I know that's not true. There is no fun in cheating. I earned my salary and I continue to!

Since the person had sent me a reply with inappropriate language, I 911-reported him again.

Yet again, I got another pesky whymail. It said, "i hate you leave me alone and let me be a better Whyvillan than you are!"

I was astonished. No Whyvillian should cheat! If you want to EARN clams, then EARN them the right way -- by using your BRAIN!

There are two purposes of this short but useful article.

#1. Don't be afriad to 911 report somebody! You're doing Whyville a WONDERFUL favor, so long as it follows the 911 rules.

#2. Don't use those cheat sites! Do you cheat on your homework? Or steal from a store? It's the same thing.

Ozzy111, signing off!
Enjoy your Easter, everybody!


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