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Whyvillians and Why-Passes

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There has been much 'arguing' about Why-Passes over their long and tumultous existence.

I, like many others, have a Why-Pass. People ask me for the code to my Why-Pass and then I have to 911-report them. This is illegal on Whyville!

(Editor's Note: Trying to take someone's Why-Pass is also illegal in real life -- that's called theft and fraud!!!)

There have been many petitions in the Poll Booth in City Hall about not charging real money for a Why-Pass. But think about it. Would it be fair to those who paid the $5-$20-$35 dollars for a Why-Pass if they were suddenly "free"? And maybe not everyone realizes this -- the money from the Why-Passes goes directly to pay for the room that the Whyville servers are kept safe in (yes, I do believe that the makers of Whyville must pay rent), to pay for newer, better, faster computers for Whyville to be stored on, and, if there's ever any left over, to pay the very hard-working City Workers themselves!

Think about it. Do you really want everyone in Whyville to not have to pay real money for a Why-Pass, just to have a few perks? We already have the "perk" of being in Whyville, don't forget. And what would pay for Whyville? There isn't much else we can do to help pay for Whyville (except read those annoying adds about pads for snowboarders!).

There are many of us who really appreciate the people with Why-Passes, for helping keep Whyville up-to-date and fun everyday! They would be devastated if no one would help Whyville by buying a Why-Pass!

This is anyonka, saying, "Is it really fair to other people if all you have to do for a Why-Pass is to get a few extra clams?"


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