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Tator Day Rules Again!

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It happened again. Newbies everywhere. You couldn't avoid them... more smiley faces showed up every second!

No, I'm not talking about more people joining Whyville. And I'm not talking about people whose heads have expired. (Wait a sec, their heads

I am talking about the latest Tator Day! Yes, on Saturday, March 19, EVERYONE looked like they had no face parts, or, as some affectionately say, they looked like tators. When I first heard about it, I logged on at light speed and headed to the beach. It's always fun to go there on Tator Days!

I couldn't take any screenshots, as my stupid rotten computer apparently had some OTHER method for screenshots than the one I knew. But if you can imagine 50 of those faces scattered all over the beach... well, I know it's hard to imagine, but it is definitely possible.

It was absolute mayhem, but of course that's why I like it.

"What's happening to me?" "My beautiful face!" "I'm ugly! EWWWW!"

Naturally, there were some folks who knew what was going on and went around yelling that it wouldn't last. Somebody else translated that into "EVERYONE LEAVE AND COME BACK 10 MINUTES LATER." At first the suggested time was 10 minutes, then 20, then 30, then 40...)

I think they wanted their faces back. Some desperately tried to direct the crowd to follow their plans, others went for having conferences to debate how they could look normal again.

But who wants to be normal? Well, OK, so I'm sure there are several people who like it, but... I digress.

I eventually got tired of the complaining. When someone advertised a dance party at the Pool Party, I was all over it. There, the chaos was a little more subtle as there were fewer people, but it was still wild and crazy. Take that mental screenshot of the Pool this time. Now, make most of them dancing, bopping and weaving tators all over your screen. Rolling on the floor yet? I'll admit it was an odd sight.

Who can be swimming in tators and not eat any? I went around telling everyone that I was going to dance until I puked, then declared "I AM GOING TO EAT YOU ALL!" It was funny.

One person actually challenged me, "Not if I eat you first!" I said we could just eat each other then.

Someone else said "Fellow tators, we shall all be fried!" or something like that.

I went to the Club Why chatroom and we all acted like we always do, just with something to talk about right off the bat. Then I went to the Greek Theater for Trivia Hour. Take this screenshot for that: Same type of crowd as all the above chatrooms combined, except without dancing.

That was a fun tator day, and I hope there are more in the future.



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