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Don't Be Cruel This Easter

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I know how great Easter is. I used to love eating eggs for breakfast with the family... but this year will be different. This Easter, I refuse to eat eggs! Why? Because now I know how cruel some farmers are to chickens.

What do farmers do to our feathered friends? Read on to find out!

If you were a hen being raised for your eggs, you'd probably find something to be desired in your dirty and cramped living quarters, according to PETA. At factory farms (the most common place for this sort of thing, they say), up to 11 chickens are stuffed into a cage, to the point where they can't turn around or move at all! How would YOU feel if this happened to you?

On Easter morning, think about what it would be like if you and your family were stuffed together in a cage.

The farmers know that crowding the chickens together can make them peck each other to death, but the way they choose to solve this problem is to cut off the ends of their beaks with hot blades! Ouch!

Do you know what happens to the chickens who are too old to lay eggs quickly enough? PETA2 says they are slaughtered and sometimes buried alive.

Hens aren't the only ones who suffer. Male chicks are useless to farmers, so they are "killed in high-powered grinders or suffocated in garbage bags when they are just one day old," according to the PETA2 website.

So don't be cruel this Easter! Refrain from eating eggs for just one day, please, and think about what happens to our fellow Earthlings, the chickens.

Thank you for reading this.

"Make This Easter Cruelty-Free." March 13. http://www.peta2.com.


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