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Magazine Editor

A New Magazine for Teen Girls of Whyville!

Hey all you babes of Whyville. I have started something new and it's going to be awesome. I am making a magazine just for you girl teens out there. It's going to be great and if any of you are ALREADY models or are experienced, I need some models for my magazine. It's 7 clams to be a model in my magazine. I will be taking the pictures and if you would like to help with some quizzes or be like a love doctor or something, y-mail me.

Here is what will be in my magazine:

  1. Advice for girls with guy problems from the "love doctor" (don't have 1 yet).
  2. Pictures of advertisements (if you would like for me to put your products in my mag. y-mail me and we will talk it over).
  3. The hottest fashion styles in Whyville for 2001.
  4. Guys, guys, and just plain guys.
  5. We need 5 guys from Whyville to get on another account and be N*sync. You will get fans, pictures in the mag and more. Y-mail me.
  6. And so much more!!! Even tryouts for Whyville's coming-up first movie!!!

But you will only get it on "Babes Hott Spot"!

Thanks and Y-mail me!

Love yaz!




Club Leader

Hi! I'm kinda new at this newspaper thing, but I will get to the point! My name is Sunny00s and I want to start a club for everyone who wants to be in it! I think it will be really fun because I have lots of ideas for it! To be in the club it will not cost anything, you just need to y-mail me about your self (age, gender, Whyville name, sports, hobbies, etc.). Every other week you will get a newsletter including...

  • 2 Club members of the week
  • Beauty Tips
  • Fav. Books
  • Sports News
  • Polls
  • Couples/Weddings
  • and many, many more!

I would also have reporters for "Sports News," and "Couples/Weddings." So if you are one of those people who want to be in my club please Y-mail me as soon as possible! I want as many as possible in it!! Thank you very much!

Reporting, this is Sunny00s! Have a nice day!



Book Publisher

I need help! You see, my friend and I are trying to publish a book called Teen Heart to Heart. It's going to be about the life stories of teens. So we need stories!

The stories will be in these categories: heartbreakers, relationships, friends-4-ever, embarrassing moments and lasting memories. If you have a story in any of those categories and you want it included in our book, please Y-mail them to me.

Oh, and please include a title for your story, first name and last name please. We would really appreciate it. :) And if we are successful our book will be published! Yay! So please help us.

Thank you.

This is Cleo26. Have a nice day. :)




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