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Scandal at the Senate

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On Monday, March 28, the Senate Race began once again. Eager and competitive Whyvillians flocked to the senate platforms. Some voted and most joined the race to become Whyville's newest Senator. Either way, there was competition in the air.

Around noon, some platforms started to disappear, apparently at random. By the afternoon, more and more platforms poofed away. The Whyvillians affected by this were confused. Why was this happening?

Everyone had their own opinions on this mysterious disappearance. I interviewed two victims of this horrible event:

SpunkGrl: When did you notice that your platform was gone?
Victim #1: One and a half hours after I made it.
Victim #2: The minute it disappeared; mine was one of the first ones gone.

SpunkGrl: What do you think caused this?
Victim #1: Whyville's need to hide the competition, or we were rude, or people get jealous.
Victim #2: Some selfish ignorant person wanted all the votes to themselves, so they decided to report everyone's platform.

SpunkGrl: Did you think there was anything inappropriate about your platform?
Victim #1: I don't think so, I just put down my points of improvement for Whyville.
Victim #2: NO. Even if there was, I don't think every single person had something inappropriate.

Most people agree that someone 911-reported all the platforms. Why would they do this? A greedy and selfish attempt to win the senate race?

Whoever committed this crime should be ashamed of themselves. Don't abuse the 911 report tool. It is for emergencies only!

Here's hoping that we all still get a fair chance in the race.


Editor's Note: To update you on what's going on, the platforms were not deleted. They were 911-reported by one or two very selfish, small-minded people, as SpunkGrl and others have suspected. When platforms are 911-reported, they disappear because City Hall assumes that the reporter had a good reason for the report. However, if the reporter did not have a good reason, the person or people responsible will be severely punished -- possibly even banished.

Unfortunately, because so many platforms were reported, the 911 tool was really backlogged this past week. City Workers responded to the trouble quickly, but they're still catching up. Meanwhile, they're brainstorming improvements to the tool to help us avoid this problem in future elections.

The good news is, once a platform has been okay'ed by a City Worker, it cannot be 911-reported again.


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