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Lost Platforms May Cause Unfair Election

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Less than a week ago, Whyville began the election for our new Senator. For those of you who are new to Whyville, the three Senators hold very important positions here in Whyville.

As many of you know, the platforms, which are basically the written speeches the candidates give on why they would make a good Senator and what they plan to do, were deleted.

Every single platform that was up, along with their votes... all disappeared.

Rumors began to circulate like a rapid fire. The number one rumor was, "Some idiot deleted all the platforms."

That's probably not a rumor at all, in my opinion. I have no reason to believe that anything else happened, aside from the main computers of Whyville having a glitch. Either way, the deletion caused mayhem in City Hall.

Soon after, new people started to post new platforms. Quickly, votes began to add up, in the worst way. The leading candidates didn't know what they were talking about, and couldn't even spell the word "senator". Everything seemed to be turning into a major disaster.

Some candidates still don't know that their platform is deleted, and they are just waiting with their fingers crossed to win. Some found out very late in the election, which leaves them at a disadvantage because other people got a head start.

Another fact I discovered on my own was, before the platforms were deleted, I had voted -- and after the new platforms began to pop-up, I couldn't vote again, because I had already voted. I'm not sure if anyone else ran into this problem. And if this was a problem for everyone that already voted, the election almost certainly would have turned out differently.

Will any of these factors change the outcome of the election? No one knows for certain... but the question will remain.


Editor's Note: City Workers just reported to the Times that the platforms were NOT deleted, but 911-reported by a very selfish, small-minded someone or group of someones. When platforms are 911-reported, they disappear because City Hall assumes that the reporter had a good reason. However, if the reporter did not have a good reason, the person will be severely punished.

Unfortunately, because so many platforms were reported, the 911 tool was really backlogged this past week. City Workers responded to the trouble quickly, but they're still catching up.

The good news is, once a platform has been okay'ed by a City Worker, it cannot be 911-reported again.


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