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Guys Deserve Fashion, Too!

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I've been looking around for fashion articles for guys, but there are hardly any. The few articles I've found are just out of date.

Ever since I first joined Whyville, I have been searching for the best male parts, and I think I have found some.

The latest fashion trend for guys is altarboy's stuff. Everyone I talk to seems to have a shirt or a hat that was made by him. It's not too hard to find his creations either; all of his parts contain his name, "altarboy". They are all great parts.

There are some other things out in Whyville that might catch your eyes, guys. Speaking of eyes, "Drop Dead Gorgeous" is a great pair of eyes. Some other good eyes are "Noisy Hippo".

You might have to do some smart trading to get the next part, because it is very popular and hard to find. It's an arm and it's called "pazaa". Most likely you will see people begging for them at the Trading Post, if it's not in stock.

And now here comes the most important stuff: the hair and the hats.

Currently the best hair around is called "Shaggy Dog". It's the best one out there that isn't an unselly. (Unselly = "unsellable". These are face parts that designers buy up to give to only their friends, or so they can charge more than the Face Factory allows by going to the Trading Post and bargaining there.)

"Root" is also a very good hair. It's original and you don't see everyone wearing it, which is what makes it great! "Something Corporate" is a good hair too, but currently it's an unselly. I don't think it's very rare, so you could probably get it at the Trading Post for 200 clams, but I would check Akbar's first because it goes for around 45 clams there.

There are some good hats out there, too. One of my favorites is "Spark"... it's cool. The most popular hats are made by Altarboy, though.

Other necessities are easy to find. If you want a head, just go to Akbar's face mall and click on the link to "Heads". Ears are simple, too, because you can either click on the link to "Ears" or use the face part finder to search for them.

Everything else you can find pretty easily, guys. I hoped I helped you with the latest fashions!

See you soon,


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