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I've been in Whyville for quite a while now, about two or three years. I've really enjoyed seeing all the children learning, and I myself have learned some interesting things. The big one is why Why-Passes can't just be given out for clams.

People need to understand that websites like this cost a fortune!!! You have programmers and artists and other people to pay, computers to buy and keep working, top-notch internet connections to rent... and the City Workers somehow manage to get all this money.

How do they do it, you ask? Simple! It's sort of like a cell phone -- you pay once a month or you have a plan for, let's say, 8 months. The city workers save up that "real life" money to pay for Whyville... so its something they have to do in order to stay in business with Whyville. Every month or eight months or whenever, they have to pay certain bills. Electricity bills, paycheck bills, taxes, internet connections... I don't know if Whyville has an office, but if they do, they probably have to rent that, too. It adds up, I guess.

I'll bet they probably have to have other jobs, but they use that money to pay for bills, food, clothes, shoes , etc. And they use the money that comes from Why-Passes to run Whyville.

(Editor's Note: Why-Passes definitely help Whyville, there's no doubting that, but there's a lot of other ways we work to keep the company running and growing and getting better. For example, did you know you can buy Whyville T-shirts at the Store? City Workers also look for sponsors for our games and improvements, like what NASA and the Getty Museum are doing. They help out a lot, too. So, thank you to the folks who buy Why-Passes and to the folks who sponsor our site -- you give us all the chance to enjoy Whyville!)

Well, now I hope you understand. Time for me to go!



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